visual identity


Tekstiili18 exhibition showcased the versatility and artistry of textile design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The exhibition presented curated textile design works in various fields such as fashion, interior, art and science. The passion to explore and develop mechanisms of textile-making has raised the students’ design expertise to an internationally acknowledged level. Exhibited collections in fashion and interior design showcase the results of interdisciplinary approaches, while new experimental materials push the boundaries of textile knowledge into the field of science. I made visual identity, including web site for this exhibition.  Tekstiili18 is exhibition was part of Aalto Festival 2018 and it is supported by Finnish Textile and Fashion. 


-to support the main "church feeling"

-to highlight the textiles

-to be simple, but well working


Logo support the idea of previous logo, but style, typeface and feeling is different. Colors just b&w, to support the space idea, without disturbing.

suggested to add colors, using photo of textiles + maybe add some silver using printing (if it would be budget wise).

here you can find some first visual identity suggestions

posters / flyers / promo materials

Amazing photos made by Eeva Suorlahti were perfect for my visual conception and allowed me to do good posters and promo materials.

web site

Web site was the hardest part for me, cause I never worked as a web designer before and had to learn html, css and how to work on Wordpress during this project with the help of Aalto Web Studios stuff.

below you can find some prototypes, ready web site is here.


photo credits Eeva Suorlahti